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Advanced Ethical Hacking Training

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Advanced Ethical Hacking Training Course with Detailed Hands-on Labs

Advanced Ethical Hacking Training; Modern networks and systems are fully patched, hardened from attack, and armored to the hilt with expensive security gear --- but the bad guys still get in on a daily basis! How do they do this? Why is there a news release every day of another Fortune 500 company hacked, more government secrets lost to the adversary?

Advanced Ethical Hacking Training aims to train you on how to successfully attack fully patched and hardened systems, how to circumvent common security controls, and how to get to confidential data. This is all possible if you have 0day exploits, or the ability to create your own exploit code. In this Advanced Ethical Hacking Training class, you will learn how to exploit modern operating system protections, such as ASLR and DEP, using ROP attacks, egghunter shellcode and heap spraying. You take this knowledge back to your organization and can then formulate a way to defend against these sophisticated attacks.

Duration: 5 days

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Advanced Ethical Hacking Training - Customize It!

• We can adapt this Advanced Ethical Hacking Training course to your group’s background and work requirements at little to no added cost.
• If you are familiar with some aspects of this Advanced Ethical Hacking Training course, we can omit or shorten their discussion.
• We can adjust the emphasis placed on the various topics or build the Advanced Ethical Hacking Training course around the mix of technologies of interest to you (including technologies other than those included in this outline).
• If your background is nontechnical, we can exclude the more technical topics, include the topics that may be of special interest to you (e.g., as a manager or policy-maker), and present the Advanced Ethical Hacking Training course in manner understandable to lay audiences.

Audience / Target Group

The target audience for this Advanced Ethical Hacking Training course:

• IT professionals involved with information system security, computer forensics, and incident response

Advanced Ethical Hacking Training - Objectives:

After completing this Advanced Ethical Hacking Training course, attendees will be able to:

• Create 0day (private unreleased exploits) attacks as part of the “Advanced Persistent Threat”
• Run sophisticated attacks against client side applications
• Use fuzzers and dynamic analysis to discover vulnerabilities
• Reverse engineer binaries to find new vulnerabilities never discovered before
• Exploit secured web applications
• Run chained exploits to pivot from multiple exploitable systems
• Attack and defeat VPNs, IDS/IPS and other security technologies

Advanced Ethical Hacking Training - Course Content:

Hackers are always changing their tactics to get one step ahead of the good guys. ENO updates our Advanced Ethical Hacking Training course materials regularly to ensure that you learn about the most current threats to your organization's networks and systems. This Advanced Ethical Hacking Training course focuses on advanced exploitation techniques. A brief introduction to system exploitation theory and process will be covered, the rest of the course covers advanced topics, such as:

• Attacking fully patched systems
• Buffer Overflows against Windows 2008 Server, Windows 7 clients
• 0day attacks
• Attacking DMZs and other secured infrastructure
• Port Redirection
• Compromising secured infrastructure
• Using egghunter and meterpreter shellcode
• Metasploit scripting and automation
• NMAP automation
• Running exploits in RAM vs. on disk
• Hiding from IDSs
• Covert Channels
• Privilege Escalation attacks on Windows 7
• Advanced Man In The Middle Attacks
• Traffic Interception
• Hijacking SSL encrypted sessions
• MiTM VoIP attacks
• Intercepting VoIP traffic and attacking Ethernet enabled PBXs
• 0day vuln discovery process
• Format String attacks
• Windows SEH Stack Overflows
• Writing Windows Shellcode
• Heap Spraying / JIT Spraying
• Fuzzer selection and comparison
• Fuzzing with peachfuzz and SPIKE
• Binary Auditing with IDA Pro
• Portable Executable (PE) Compression and Encoding
• Using a Disassembler
• Anti-disassembling Detection circumvention
• Egghunter and ROP payloads
• Attacking SafeSEH
• Defeating ASLR, DEP
• Cross Site Request Forgery Attacks
• XSS Attacks and XSS Redirection
• RFI and Source Code Injection Attacks
• Proxy cache poisoning

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Time Frame: 0-3 Months4-12 Months

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